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Fun, Easy Fruit Drawing Videos for Kids

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Children are extraordinarily capable of absorbing brand new information and they tend to learn really well by actually doing. It’s in those first formative years that they pick up on new skills and they discover potential exciting passions they can further on develop in life. Drawing is a particularly common example of this and children typically learn to draw fruit before delving into anything else more complex.

But before we go through some educational fruit drawing videos, let’s see what the benefits of drawing are for children and why drawing is recommended even at an early age. Having said this, fruit drawing is actually a very efficient starting point in any child’s lifelong artistic learning process.

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Why Is Drawing at an Early Age So Important?

Picking up a crayon and starting to draw is very appealing to most young children out there. Apart from it being an extremely fun activity, drawing helps kids in numerous ways:

  1. It enhances their motor skills – There are simple motions happening when drawing, regardless if we’re talking about a basic scribble or a slightly more complex drawing, and the truth is they help enhance motor skills. Children who start drawing at an early age tend to develop better overall motor skills thanks to hand-eye coordination and the use of finger muscles at play. Hands ultimately convert the brain’s impulses into motion that eventually creates shapes and forms.
  2. It develops problem-solving skills – That’s right. Drawing is specifically great at developing problem-solving skills at a small scale that, in time, will grow to accommodate whatever situation comes at hand in life. This is because drawing always requires asking and answering ‘how’ questions. ‘How can I replicate this shape I see?’, ‘How can I blend colors in such a way that I get the color I want?’, ‘How do I draw this from a different angle?’. By finding solutions to all these issues, your child will become better and better at figuring out creative ways on how to deal with anything that may come their way down the line.
  3. It fuels their imagination – The best immediate effect that children feel while drawing is the endless fun provided by the fact that they’re leaving their imagination run wild. Anything is possible when drawing – a perspective that is after all the epitome of childhood. Fruit drawings can be the starting ramp to so much more. Freeing creativity and imagination is ultimately the act that made so many aspects of our world today possible – art, architecture, technology and so on.
  4. It encourages emotional expression – Regardless of the age they’re at, children can and will draw as a means to express their feelings. Parents can thus typically look at their kids’ drawings as if at windows into their souls. Apart from this, learning how to express their emotions through drawing can also boost children’s emotional intelligence, which is also a great plus that will serve them in life.
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How to Draw Fruit for Kids

Kids can easily learn how to draw fruits of any kind and have fun while doing it. If you want to guide them in this process or don’t have time to do it yourself, you can rest assured kids can just as well draw following a video. It will be fun and very useful in building self-discipline.

Thankfully there are plenty of video tutorials that can guide kids through their process of approaching cute fruit drawings as part of their artistic learning curve. The tutorials you’ll see below are meant especially for the little ones.

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What Are the Perfect Fruit Drawing Videos for Your Kids?

Depending on what you want for your kids, there are many types of fruit drawing video resources available out there.

The artists are skilled and dedicated to carrying through with the drawing in a way that inspires little ones to tag along. The best part about these fruit drawing tutorials is that the drawing materials used are quite basic, so you won’t need to invest too much in buying them. At least for starters, afterwards you can definitely upgrade.

Having said this, let’s take a closer look at what’s possible in terms of easy fruit drawings for your kids:

If you’re looking to show your little ones fruit drawings – easy enough for kids that they can easily follow, be sure to tune into this fruit drawing video that simply goes through many fruits at once, without any verbal guidance. You’ll find the video includes drawing grapes, orange, watermelon, cherries and mango, after which there’s also a coloring-in session.

Drawing Fruit for Beginners:

A more interactive approach to drawing is offered by this fruit drawing video for kids. It’s a father-son duo video in which they both draw together a cute cartoon watermelon. Each of them talks through their drawing experience, so your little one can relate to the child and learn from the more experienced adult. The end result is represented by two totally different drawings, one coming from a steady, more experienced hand and the other from a curious mind that just wants to keep learning while having fun.

How to Draw Fruit Easy:

If you’re interested in showing your kid a tutorial on how to draw fruit for kids, but of the more complex variety, you can go with this pineapple drawing video. This is a guided video, which takes your little one through the drawing stages step by step. Your little one will start with the overall shape of the pineapple, then add the cute facial expression, color everything in, after which they will learn how to add shadows and the outline.

Strawberries are also a bit more complex to draw for kids, so they’re a welcome challenge as well – and a totally achievable one for that matter, considering how well this slow and educational strawberry drawing tutorial delivers. The artist first draws in the strawberry in pencil, after which he thickens the outline with a marker. This is a surefire way to ultimately make the drawing pop.

How to Draw Simple Fruits

Drawing a banana and coloring it in may be one of the simplest tasks at hand for children that are still new to drawing. This banana drawing video is also unguided, but the artist does draw slowly enough for your little one to successfully tag alone and understand the process step by step. While the drawing starts off with a marker for the outline, it continues with a basic yellow crayon to fill in the banana with color.

When it comes to easy fruit drawings for kids, it’s impossible to exclude the orange, another fruit that’s popular, delicious and healthy, while also very easy to draw. The basic shape is simple and the details are fun to add in. This orange drawing video will take your kid step by step through the process, from the very first stage of drawing in the outline with a marker and all the way to the coloring part.

Apples are also easy to draw, as they are simple and really fun shapes to follow. In this apple drawing video, the artist suggests a quite loose drawing technique that’s relaxed and highly encouraging for children to follow. While there are other artists out there that strive for perfection in their teaching methods, this artist is more about the overall idea of drawing an apple. This means that she’s not too strict about the outline, but focuses more on what the apple per say should like as a whole, after which she colors it in.


As you can see, the artists in these fruit drawing tutorials are quite dedicated to their teaching methods that can vary quite a lot between them. Just like every single child out there is different and has different activities that brings them satisfaction, every single artist in these videos places different emphasis on different aspects in the drawing process.

Some may highlight the importance of a perfectly drawn outline, placing great emphasis on precision and steadfastness, while others may highlight the overall fun process of simply drawing and following the general idea of the drawing. It’s only natural that each of these teaching styles will bring out and polish different sets of skills in your kid, so it’s up to you as a parent to decide which ones you’re choosing to go with.

Ultimately there are many types of fruits your child can learn how to draw and each of them has their own degree of complexity. Your little one may, for example, start off with an orange and before you know it they’ll masterfully draw pineapples and strawberries. Learning how to draw never really stops for anyone, regardless how skilled, and your kid will be lucky enough to start this wonderful and exciting journey of their life.

Have your kids ever drawn using fruit drawing tutorials before? If so, which ones do you recommend and how was the learning process for them? Comment below and share with the community – other parents will be thrilled to know what other fruit drawing videos they can share with their children.

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