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Funky Monkey Fruit

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Funky Monkey Fruit is the kid friendly fruit that crunches. Fruit snacks are not only crunchy and yummy but are also a healthy alternative to potato chips.  In seven creative flavors your children will always a have a choice.  The product is always peanut and tree nut free for those that have allergy concerns. Just imagine that first time your child offers a friend a healthy snack or chooses fruit over potato chips for themselves.

Funky Monkey Fruit is also a great treat for children on sports teams or during parties.  As health in children is a concern for all caring parents this organic treat will keep kids looking and feeling their best on and off the field.  Grab a bag and place it in your young ones lunch box or sneak a bag or two into your teens backpack for a healthy snack when the afternoon munchies hit.

Another idea is to add these crunchy treats to foods that are not always kid friendly but could be made more accessible with the tasty addition.  Why not add a few to a salad for  sweet twist or creating a dessert pizza with dried fruit.  Maybe a bowl of mixed Funky Monkey Fruit with some fat free caramel dip for the next slumber party will be a big hit.  No matter how you choose to use Funky Monkey it will be a novel snack in your home.

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