Gaviola, Anti-Cancer FruitGaviola, Anti-Cancer Fruit

The Gaviola is a healing fruit if not the healing fruit in the world of herbal medicine. Though many pharmaceutical companies have claimed otherwise, the US National Cancer Institute in 1976 proved them wrong. Scientific research and studies conducted proved that the Gaviola aside from its leaves and stem were discovered to be attacking and destroying cancerous cells and do not harm healthy cells.

The Gaviola, soursop or Guyabano is one of the healthiest fruits available to the majority of the world’s population. It has a high content of carbohydrates specifically fructose aside from the amount of Vitamins C, B1, B2, Potassium and dietary fiber. The white juicy flesh of the fruit has a mix taste of pineapple, strawberry and a tang of sour citrus. It has the shape of green spiky heart and grows from 8 to 12 inches and weights around 2.5 kilos maximum.

The Soursop is an immune system booster that could combat deadly infections. It is low cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium.

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