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Get to Know Quince Just in Time for Cold Season

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QuinceQuince is an interesting fruit that you will find when discovering which fruits are good antioxidants and many believe that it is biblical in nature. It is found in most temperate zones but primarily found in the Middle East, Greece, France and Spain. The quince resembles a misshapen apple or pear. Mostly quince is made into jams, jellies and puddings. In Spain it is made into a cheese which is served with sheep milk cheese.  Quince is an antioxidant rich fruit and they are mostly concentrated in the skin or peal of the fruit. Many remedies are made by boiling or soaking the fruit.

In the Middle East, the pits are dried and then used to treat sore throats. Also after the pits are soaked, a drink is made that can relieve a cough. The Maltese use quince to relieve intestinal ills after it is made into a jam. The Iranians use it in stews and jams as a curative for pneumonia and lung disease.

The quince fruit is high in pectin and also vitamin C in fruits which benefits the immune system. Because of it’s high antioxidant content the fruit is most beneficial. Unfortunately, in North America, this fruit is rare because it is susceptible to firebright disease. The vast majority of quince fruit available in North America come from Argentina.

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