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Glowy Skin From 3 Fruits

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Glowy Skin from 3 FruitsGlowy Skin From 3 Fruits

Before, if you want to look good, people would label you vain. Nowadays, looking good translates to feeling good or vice-versa. To have a glowy skin is one of the indications of having good health and this is definitely not a bad thing to desire. To help you achieve this, here are 3 fruits you should include in your daily skin regimen.

  1. Bananas – They are high in Vitamin A and potassium which can help refine lines on your face and to be used as an effective cleanser of your skin. Mash some bananas until they become a creamy paste. Apply it on your face and leave it for 15 mins. then rinse it off.
  2. Coconut – Coconut oil comes from matured coconut meat. This has lauric acid that can moisturize and soften your skin. It is best applied after taking a bath, when your pores are open so it can absorb the coconut oil’s nutrients.
  3. Melons – They make wonderful cooling masks and can nourish your skin due to its high Vitamin A and Vitamin B content. Slice a couple of melons and put them in a blender with egg white to create a sticky yet creamy mask. You can also add cucumber in the mix.

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