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Getting Your Own Goji Berry Plant

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Goji Berry Plant

Goji Berry Plant 2Ever want to have your own Goji berry plant? It’s very understandable. And highly recommended too, due to the numerous health benefits you can get from this miracle superfood. These berries are usually eaten like a normal berry or you can also drink the extract as juice.

Most popularly known as a powerful anti-oxidant, goji berries from the goji berry plant, has increased in popularity in this western part of the world over the years. After celebrities like Mischa Barton, Elizabeth Hurley, Madona and even Oprah sang praises about them, people started to notice. And the miracle Goji Berry Plant plant did not let down. More and more people learned the powerful benefits of the plant and its popularity exploded.

People who want to buy their own goji berry plant need not worry. While the red goji berries are traditionally grown in China, Mongolia, and Tibet, recent years have seen the cultivation of this amazing plant in the western parts of the globe as well such as Europe and North America. The berries are also known to be extremely delicate fruits and cannot be easily picked from the tree using hands. Harvesters instead shake the tree and are then caught or picked up from the ground.

In the US, several online retailers have the goji berry plant on sale. You may find the goji berry plants for sale on Amazon, Home Depot, Goji Berry Plant eBay and other online stores. Also, check some local specialty shops and health stores as they may also sell the goji berry plant.

Of course, you may also opt for just purchasing the berries instead of the tree. Several goji berry products are already being sold in the US. A variety of goji products in the form of dried goji berries, goji berry juices, and goji berry extracts are extremely popular. You may find goji products in selected health stores and specialty shops in the US and the UK. Most of these shops sell pure goji berry juice, tea, goji berry capsule, and even goji berry snack bars.

Whatever you choose to decide, rest assured that you are making a wise decision in including the wonder fruit in your diet.

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