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Goji Bessen: The Magical Berry

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Goji Bessen: The Magical Berry

Goji bessenGoji berries are continuously gaining popularity among health enthusiasts all over the globe. Often cited for their health benefits, the goji berry plant and its goji berries have become a potent ingredient in a lot of traditional medicines and nutritional diets.


Having been only recently introduced to Western countries, not many know that the plant has been cultivated for its culinary and medicinal benefits in China and Tibet for hundreds of generations.  Tracing its origins back in China, the earliest known written texts that recorded its use were as early as 200 AD during the Han Dynasty. Many believe that the plant may have existed even well before the period. Its botanical name Lycium barbarum was given to the plant in 1753 by Swedish botanist, Carolus Linnaeus. The plant is now currently cultivated in Europe and North America following its huge success in the market.


Lycium BarbarumKnown in Dutch as goji bessen, the berries have been considered by health experts as one of the most powerful fruits in herbal medicine. Rich in natural minerals, vitamins, and nutritious elements, it’s no surprise it is among the most sought after health ingredient today.

  • Anti-aging benefits– The berries’ anti-oxidant properties make them potent youth potions when combined with other ingredients. This is the reason it earned the moniker “key to eternal youth” in Tibet.
  • Increases Vitality– A natural Viagra, it is not, but it nonetheless promotes vitality in many other ways. Its properties are known to restore concentration, strength, endurance, and even libido. When mixed with other ingredients, it can also help treat male infertility.
  • Good for the Heart– Goji also helps in promoting better blood circulation while balancing blood pressure as well. It also regulates the blood’s sugar and lipid levels, maintaining just the right normal amount for the body.
  • Stress Reliever-For those having trouble with sleeping, the goji berry helps in combatting insomnia as it relieves anxiety and stress while assisting in neuron cell renewal and improving memory.
  • Eye /Skin Doctor– For a clearer eyesight and better looking skin, a good dose of the goji berry will do a lot of improvement with continued use. Its rejuvenating factors aid in skin and eye cells renewal bringing them to a healthier life.
  • Better digestion– The plant’s healing properties also include improved digestion and digestive organ protection. Your kidneys and liver are protected from chronic diseases and your diet is internally regulated.

Apart from the mentioned above, there are many other benefits that can be had by including goji berries in your diet.  With the exception of pregnant and nursing mothers, the goji diet should be considered by anyone who wants an improved, healthier lifestyle.

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