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What is the Goji Fruit?

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Goji Berries for SlimmingWhat is the Goji Fruit?

The fruit which is also known as the Longevity fruit belongs to the family of berries and has been used for many centuries in Chinese medicine to cure a number of illnesses.

These berries are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The antioxidant properties of this fruit help in preventing free radicals from building up in your body. The berries can be eaten raw, cooked or in powder form. You can have it even in the juice form.

There are many health benefits of the goji fruit, like the fact that it helps build the immune system. The benefits of goji berry are:

  • Helps improve eyesight
  • Fights aging
  • Reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer
  • Reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Fights cellulite
  • Boosts libido
  • Controls diabetics and hypertension

These berries can be bought from the market or you can grow them yourself.

How to grow goji berries? These plants require a lot of sunlight, making them ideal for dry and hot places. As these plants are very adaptable, you can grow them in humid or very cold conditions too. You can plant them in small pots and would need to prepare the soil for them.

Goji Berry

Goji Berry

If the soil is alkaline, the goji fruit tends to grow fast. After you plant the berries it takes approximately 10-14 days for them to stop sprouting. If you grow the plants yourself, you will have access to one of the healthiest berries at your own backyard.

You can eat your homegrown berries either raw, cooked or sprinkle the powder in tea, coffee, wine or cookies. No matter how you consume them, the health benefits of the goji fruit will be enormous and will help you have a healthy lifestyle.

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