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Goldenberry Powder from Navitas Naturals

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Navitas Naturals Powder, Goldenberry, 3 OunceThe Goldenberry is one fruit that is rather unknown to most people, which is unfortunate because its one of the powerful antioxidant fruits out there today. This fruit goes by many names such as the “Incan Goldenberry” and the “Cape Gooseberry” and is usually a bright yellow color. It is found in the U.S. and in many other places throughout the world. This fruit is rather tolerant of different climates so it can be grown more easily in various places than other fruits are able to.

Like blueberries, the Goldenberry can be eaten raw to obtain its many benefits. This fruit is rich in vitamins A, B complex, and C. It also contains vital minerals like phosphorous, which helps calcium to fully strengthen your bones. The Goldenberry is unique because it contains more protein, about 16%, than what is found in most fruits and even foods in general. This is great for vegetarians or vegans who need non-meat sources of protein to survive.

Navitas Naturals Goldenberry Powder provides all of these benefits in an easier to use form. Because their product is a dried fruit powder, it can be added to several different recipes to spice them up with added flavor and nutrients. Adding a spoonful of this powder to your favorite smoothie is a conveantioxidant-fruits.coment way to stave off heart disease, cancer, and sickness in general while making you feel just plain great. Many people notice an immediate change once they implement the Goldenberry as a staple to their diet. Since this fruit is such a great source of fiber and pectin, what have you got to lose?

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