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Growing Blackberries in a Home Garden

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Blackberries are an excellent choice of fruit to grow in the home garden.  Growing blackberries is no more difficult than growing any common garden vegetable.  They need to be planted in a sunny location, but with access to some shade.  The garden site needs to be well-drained, well-weeded, and fertilized.  Excess water will quickly drown the roots, and weeds can choke them. Orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc fertilizer, mulch, or compost are best for the blackberry plants.  The variety of blackberry that trails should be trellised to keep it off the ground and excess moisture.  The variety that grows in the form of cane should be kept trimmed to within seven feet.

As soon as the ground thaws, it is time to plant.  Holes for the young plant should be shallow with just enough room for the roots.  During the first season, the plants should not produce fruit but be kept trim until the second season for more and better quality blackberries.  The fruit usually ripens to its mature violet-black color between July and November – wait until they have completely matured!  The berries will be full and delicious for blackberry syrup, jam, and even tea.  Like other antioxidant fruits, blackberries can be used for home medicinal purposes, especially as a remedy for indigestion.  Blackberry leaves make an excellent addition to gargling fluid to clear up sore throats.


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