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Growing Fruit (RHS Encyclopedia of Practical Gardening)

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Growing Fruit (RHS Encyclopedia of Practical Gardening)As many fruit growers learn, planting fruit without proper knowledge can only mean disaster. The Royal Horticulture Society partnered with its retired Fruit Officer Harry Baker to produce “Growing Fruit”, a book part of the RHS Encyclopedia of Practical Gardeantioxidant-fruits.comng with the main goal of providing you with ample information on how to grow fruit minus the disasters.

Growing Fruit is a book that covers a wide array of topics. It gives you a primer on climate, your planting site, the soil you will use and even your drainage system. Information on pests and diseases that may harm your plants and how to control weeds are also some of the other helpful topics tackled in this illustrated fruit book.

Although Baker is an authority for cool temperature fruits, this book contains a section dedicated to warm temperate fruits. Aside from that, the book is also subdivided to include soft fruits and tree fruits.

You can buy Growing Fruit on for $12.24 and it’s eligible for’s Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

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