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Health Benefits of the Dragon Fruit

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Health Benefits of the Dragon FruitHealth Benefits of the Dragon Fruit

The Pitaya fruit cactus or the Dragon fruit is a flowering vine cactus with large exotic blooms accompanied by big colorful fruit. The fruit is entirely fleshy and dotted with hundreds of small black seeds. The fruit comes in varying colors from pale pink to red and purple.

One of the most common benefits of the Dragon Fruit is its capacity to control blood glucose which is very essential to diabetes prone individuals and people suffering from the disease. The dragon fruit contains high antioxidant properties such as Vitamin C, A and E. It has dietary fiber content of 1 gram per 100 grams and has 50% of the Vitamin C requirement of the human body which is enough to boost the immune system.

The Dragon fruit has been found also to have the inflammatory properties to combat gout, arthritis and osteoarthritis. This is activated by its beta-carotene contents. It is low in fat and cholesterol as well.

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