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Hirsch Fruit Farm

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Hirsch Fruit FarmEstablished in 1890, the Hirsch Fruit Farm at 12846 State Route 772 Chillicothe, Ohio is one of the farms to offer quality products, freshly picked and tasty satisfy all your fruity cravings. Their range of fruit varies from strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples and peaches to vegetables and other fruit product derivatives like jams, jellies and butter.

As the fourth generation of the Hirsch family took over, the fruit farm grew to offer gift boxes, fruit baskets and even on-farm activities like corporate tours, family outings and the like. Now, the Ohio fruit farm is open all year round to better service its customers.

The Hirsch farm has 15 varieties of apples that you can choose from. You can pick out your favorite variety to be included in fruit gift boxes. Fruit butters, jellies and preserves are also some other products you can include in the gift box. Prices are dependent on what you place inside the fruit basket.

Hirsch offers 8 pre-arranged gift boxes like the All Apples Box, Apple Pie Basket, Dessert Box, Snack Basket, Holiday Box, Treat the Office Box, Ross County Box and Miscellaneous Basket. Have you tried sending a fruit gift box from Hirsch?

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