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Hit Me With OJ!

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Hit me with OJ!It’s common knowledge that oranges is a great source of Vitamin C. Studies show that a person who eats a high fat and high cholesterol breakfast with orange juice, water and glucose drink acquires free radicals but those who drank orange juice only had a 47% increase compared to those who had only water had an increase of 62% while those that drank glucose drink had a 63% increase. It’s obvious that the antioxidant qualities of the orange are hard at work to ensure you remain healthy.

Oranges have flavonoids. They can help reduce your blood pressure and lower your bad cholesterol levels. Thiamine and folates are also part of the nutrients this round pulp gives. To prevent cancer and heart disease, it helps boost your immune system and also protects you against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

You should opt to make your own orange juice at home with a juicer since those which come in cartons are bottles are no longer fresh despite with a label saying that it is freshly squeezed.

Do you have any orange juice recipes to share? We would love to read your comments and hear from you.

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