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How Antioxidant Fruits Repair the Damage Done by Free Radicals

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Bare Fruit Apricots OrganicWhat are free radicals?

Free radicals work at the molecular level to cause damage to your body. They describe things at work within your body on an atomic scale. While the action is very complex it can best be understood by a very simple explanation just to understand the basic issue. The atoms needed in our body become unstable due to having too much or too little electrons. They are called free radicals because they have then become something different than the molecule they started out as and start damaging other molecules, DNA, cells and proteins.

While some living choices can limit the ways free radicals act, it is impossible to stop the damage done by free radicals. They come from the inside as a natural process due to aging and cellular breakdown, and outside from things like sunlight, pollution, and even the effects of being active.

What is the antioxidant’s role?

The use of antioxidants is that antioxidants basically work by sending out molecules that repair the damaged cells. That is why it is so important to make high antioxidant fruits and vegetables a part of your daily lifestyle.

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