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How to Care for Fruit Trees

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By Bob Hoffman

How To Care For Fruit Trees: One of the first commandments for growing fruit is to plant well adapted varieties to the local area. These varieties are usually not subjected to disease and insect pressure. The local agriculture extension agent usually has a list of fruit trees tested in an area. A better source to find out about fruit trees is local garden clubs. Many people have tested several varieties, and usually have a good idea of what grows well in an area.

When planting fruit trees, it is wise to add a few lbs. of lime, gypsum, and bone meal to the hole that is dug out. These soil amendments add calcium and other trace element nutrition as well as change the soil from acid to alkaline. Most fruit trees need a ph balance of 6.5. When adding the soil improvers is complete, return the soil back to the hole and level it. Around the circumference of the tree, add compost on top of the soil. Any type of compost such as cow manure, sheep manure, and mushroom compost is excellent. After adding all soil amendments, water the fruit trees.

Locally grown fruit trees are the best because consumers can pick the fruit fresh from the tree. It is higher in vitamins and other nutritional factors because it has not been sent a long distance or stored in a controlled environment. The tastes of fresh, locally grown fruit is distinctive and more delicious than imported varieties. There is no greater pleasure than to pick fruit from a planted and nurtured tree!

Trees are the symbiotic partner for humanity. They provide oxygen, shade, and regulate humidity and arid conditions. In addition, they cut down wind speed and are aesthetically pleasing to see. The fruits the trees bear produce health and strength in the human body. To see fruit trees blooming in the spring and bearing their fruit in the summer is an awesome experience! Up to now, the philosophers have only interpreted the world. The point, however, is to change it. Everyone unite and plant fruit trees everywhere to improve humanity and society!

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