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How to Freeze Bananas/What Can You Use Frozen Bananas For?

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If you’re planning to use frozen bananas to make food, what’s the best course of action? Just throwing bananas in the freezer with the skin on seems easy enough, right? In fact, this course of action is not preferable for any purpose other than making banana bread. Here’s how to freeze bananas if you’re using them to make smoothies so that you get to reap the benefits of getting enough potassium in your diet.

Peel off the skin from the bananas and then wait until brown discoloration begins to form on the skin. Cut the bananas into usable portions of whatever size will be most convenient for you (a quarter of a banana, half of a banana, et cetera). In order to minimize mess, it is best to use a cutting board for this project. If you’re able, try to make sure that you get your items into Ziploc baggies in an arrangement that is as flat as possible so that you can minimize the amount of space being taken up in your freezer.

What can you use frozen bananas for? As was mentioned above, frozen bananas can be used to make banana bread. If you’re making banana bread, simply get your frozen bananas out and let them thaw for 2-3 hours prior to use. As was also mentioned above, frozen bananas can be used to make smoothies. In fact, frozen bananas are preferable to ice because there isn’t as much water content being added to the drink. If you would like a visual demonstration, the below video is an excellent educational resource.

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