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How to Grow Dragon Fruit

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Dragon Fruit

How to Grow Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit plant, named for the exotic appearance of its fruit, is native to Central and South America and grows well in temperate climates.  In the United States, this means the plant grows best where it is safe from frost.  A member of the cactus family, the plant is not actually a tree but a series of huge vines that grow from a central stem.  The outside of the fruit is either bright pink or yellow with sweet flesh that can be white or red, dotted with small seeds.  Dragon fruit growing is possible from three stages: as seeds, seedlings, or a young plant.  The following discussion focuses on how to grow dragon fruit at each stage.

From Seeds

Growing dragon fruit from seeds is challenging as is growing any fruit from this stage.  Though they can be bought prepared, seeds can also be harvested from a fresh or dried dragon fruit with care taken to remove all flesh from around the seeds.  The seeds should be planted in very shallow, well-drained potted soil and kept moist under a plastic covering.  The seeds should sprout within two weeks.

From Seedlings

Once the seeds begin to grow, move them to pots that can house the dragon fruit permanently with plenty of room to grow.  The soil or compost should be rich, and again, should have good drainage with small holes drilled in the bottom of the pots.  As long as the temperature remains moderate and the seedlings are not over-watered, they will grow quickly.  Stake the plant early on for support before heavy vines begin growing.

From a Plant

dragon fruit

dragon fruit

Cuttings can be taken from a mature dragon fruit plant to begin a new plant.  Cut off a substantial vine from the stem of the plant and deposit it directly into a pot of soil.  If the cutting grows successfully, it could potentially flower within a year.

Have you grown dragon fruit?  What do you recommend?  Leave a comment below!

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