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How To Grow Goji Berries

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dried goji

dried goji

Goji fruit

, which is also known as the longevity fruit is extremely popular among health enthusiasts. These fruits have been used in China for centuries and have been associated with a number of health benefits.

How to grow goji berries? You can acquire goji fruit seeds from the market and plant them in the soil. The best type of soil, which can be used for this purpose, is sandy but other types of soils are also ideal for its growth.

You can keep the young seedlings inside or in a greenhouse till they, start sporting leaves. After they have grown bigger, you can move them to a bigger area, with plenty of sunshine.

You can transfer the plant to a more spacious location, which should also have adequate drainage facility. These plants are very tough and can grow anywhere.

The benefits of goji berry are many and these include protecting the liver, help improve eyesight, prevent certain types of cancer and most important of all, promote longevity.

The goji fruit has abundance of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C along with iron and other essential nutrients. As they improve the immune system, they have been found to be effective in controlling Alzheimer’s and improve memory.

They have also been found to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Free radicals are prevented in the body and this helps fight cancer. Chinese had also used the goji fruit as an aphrodisiac.

It is also been found to be effective in reducing weight, if consumed on a regular basis.

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