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How To Make Dragon Fruit Seeds Ready For Planting

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How To Make Dragon Fruit Seeds Ready For PlantingThere are numerous antioxidant fruits available at your local farmer’s market or nearby fruit farms however, the dragon fruit is one of those exotic fruits that’s rarely at hand when you want them. Often, people go online to search for Asian fruit stands that may carry this watery treat.

Still, some would prefer planting their own dragon fruit because it’s also not that difficult to grow and cultivate.

First thing you should do is to find dragon fruit seeds or you can make take them from a piece of dragon fruit. Here’s how:

  1. Remove dragon fruit (tiny black seeds) seeds from its pulpy flesh by submerging a slice of the fruit in water.
  2. Take the seeds out individually or use a strainer to sift the seeds without the fruit flesh.
  3. Make sure that no remaining pulp is left on each seed.
  4. Place each seed on a basin or plate and leave it outside to sun-dry and air-dry.
  5. Once they are dried, you can now use them for planting.

There is no guarantee that all seeds can yield you a good dragon fruit plant but when it comes to gardening, that is always the case. You can also try to cut a stem from an existing dragon fruit plant and use it for planting.

What do you prefer, seeds or saplings? Leave us your answers below or share it to us via Twitter or Facebook or tell us what you do below!

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