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Interview with Pete Nipp about Ayeasta, Probiotic Antioxidant Blend

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AyeastaThis month’s giveaway is for a new product called Ayeasta, which is a probiotic antioxidant blend.  Ayeasta includes a dose of aronia berries.

What is Ayeasta?

Ayeasta is a uantioxidant-fruits.comque Probiotic Lactic Yeasttm blended with a powerful antioxidant from the Aronia Berry

Why does someone want to take a probiotic?

Seventy percent of your immune system starts in your intestinal tract.  If there is an imbalance in your stomach flora, you are susceptible to various illnesses.  A quality probiotic provides good bacteria and/or creates an environment that the good flora can flourish fighting off pathogens and keeping you healthy.

The use of a probiotic should reinforce the defense system and aid in the protection against pathogenies and alterations of the intestinal mucosa.

What made you start Ayeasta?

I, being a suffer of IBS, have been eating probiotics for years.  About a year ago I came across this Probiotic that really helped with my overall symptoms and general health, however it was not readily available.  In addition I take or eat some form of Aronia berries every day due to its high level of Antioxidants and overall health benefits.  I wanted a way to help people with their overall health, and make this quality probiotic available to everyone.   So with the help of my good friend and now partner, we started Ayeasta.

I’ve heard Ayeasta is a probiotic made from yeast rather than bacteria.  What’s the advantage of that?


You are correct Ayeasta® is a Probiotic Lactic Yeasttm.  Most probiotics are simply bacteria-based or composed of the lowest form of organism in the food chain. These organisms generally do not have any protection from the naturally occurring acids of our digestive system. Ayeasta®’s advanced lactic yeast has a protective membrane around it (chitin), therefore protecting it from antibiotics and acids allowing it to colonize and survive in your intestinal tract.

Ayeasta® probiotic works in the intestinal tract by activating enzymes which break down carbohydrates and simple sugars, forming lactic acid. In turn, this lactic acid balances the pH in the intestine, helping to break down vitamins, calcium and protein to a molecular level enabling the intestinal cells to assimilate and absorb them more readily.

The stabilization of the pH in the intestine will favor the growth of natural beneficial intestinal bacterial flora and slow the development of harmful (pathogenic) microbial flora. By producing elevated levels of normal lactic acid in the intestinal tract , the beneficial nutrients are readily absorbed. One of the most beneficial features of probiotics in Ayeasta® is its resistance to antibiotic. This means Ayeasta® can be used in conjunction with antibiotic therapy, unlike bacteria based probiotics that do not have this resistance.

How is Ayeasta better than other probiotics on the market in your opinion?

Ayeasta produces enzymes which encourage and support normal resident bacteria to reproduce; thus increasing the total number normal resident microbes.  The normal resident microbial population work in concert to establish the health, protection, energy production, and chemistry essential for the health of the host (in this case human).  This is a very complex orchestration between all the normal microbiota.   Many identified individual  bacteria have a specific benefit and in many cases create an improvement in the clinical picture they are used to address.  The plethora of probiotic product on the market with the same or similar microbial populations in every increasing numbers is an indication of current probiotic limitations; ie. surviving passage through the stomach (gastric shock), immune modulation, inflammation etc..  Not surviving gastric passages necessitates excessively large numbers of microbes to create enough live bacteria and their metabolites to exert any noticeable positive effect clinically.

What does this large dose of “probiotic” microbes do to the overall communication (synchrony) and overall health of the normal microbial resident community?  Is it possible that prolonged interruption of normal microbial synchrony can result in host vulnerability?

It has been proven that probitoic in Ayeasta is the only “probiotic lactic yeast”TM is a true gastro-intestinal bio-regulator because it metabolites are fundamental in increasing the total resident microbial population, thus maintaining and complimenting the complex physiological concert necessary to re-establish gut health.  No other probiotic has science to prove it actively bio-regulates the hosts normal microbial population.  In fact, some scientists have expressed concerned regarding excessive dosage of some probiotics and the potential interference with long term use jeopardizing the overall establishment of normal microbial interaction (concert).

What is the difference between a Probiotic and a Prebiotic?

Ayeasta, Aronia Berry with ProbioticsA probiotic is a living organism that provides benefit to its host, i.e. good bacteria.   A prebiotic is a quite simply, food that stimulates the growth and maintenance of beneficial gut microbiota.  So by providing a prebiotic in Ayeasta, we are providing food to allow the good bacteria thrive.

Why did you put Aronia Berry in Ayeasta?

The probiotic and Aronia are synergistic in promoting overall health.  The Aronia berry is naturally high in antioxidants, more than any other fruit tested according to the USDA.  The benefits of daily use of Aronia may include:

  • Promotes good cholesterol levels
  • Helps control blood pressure
  • Helps maintain healthier blood sugar levels
  • Boosts the immune system to fight colds and flu
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fights against heart disease and other cardiovascular problems
  • Is a good source of antioxidants which help fight aging
  • Is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin b2, vitamin b6, and folic acid

If I want to try out Ayeasta, where do I buy it?

Ayeasta is available online at, which there is a link on our website, and several local retail outlets.   It is also available on

You can order Ayeasta through this link and receive a 20% discount when you enter coupon code/password AF-offer (be sure to copy and paste this coupon code/password, as the code is case sensitive).

What’s the recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage for adults is 1 serving per day, and for children – ½ serving per day.  A serving is two capsules per day.  For children or adults the capsules can be opened and mixed with a cool drink or food.

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