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Interview with Renee Leonard-Stainton of Renee Naturally

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Renee Leonard-Stainton

Renee Leonard-Stainton

As a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Western Medical Herbalist, Renée is working with a growing list of clients around the world, from her home country in New Zealand across Australasia, to the States and the Middle East.  Her international natural health career has exposed her to many different cultures and medicines, and she is now a sought after Naturopathic advisor for various established brands in both the retail food and health supplement categories.

With extensive experience in both the natural health and media industries, Renee regularly contributes to a variety of print magazines and online publications. Her own blog, Renée Naturally, is where natural health and eco-consciousness find harmony with the latest in style and contemporary living. Renee also runs her own private Naturopathic practice based out of Sydney, where she treats both adults and children with a variety of health issues.

Driven by a long held interest in natural health, Renée’s personal health journey gives her the integrity and passion to speak with an authentic voice on the subject. Chronically ill from the age of 11 with a severe immune disorder, she was bedridden through her teenage years while being subject to a battery of medical tests, specialist treatments and hospital visits. Her eventual discovery of natural medicine and alternative treatments saw her, in time, regain her full health and vitality by her 20s. This life changing experience fuelled her desire to become a Naturopath so that she could help others on their journey to wellness, naturally.

Her approach delivers a balanced, first-hand account of wellness that makes her audience feel inspired and connected to her, avoiding the ‘health purist’ tag, while still retaining the educated voice of a qualified practitioner. Renée is dedicated to providing credible and easy to understand health information to help people on their path to a healthy and earth friendly existence. Live well, live long, live naturally

1. How do you incorporate fruit into your diet?

Renee Leonard-Stainton

Renee Leonard-Stainton

In summer, I make a smoothie every morning, varying the fruit combos. My favorite variations are antioxidant packed mixed berries with banana or mango and pineapple. In winter, I often have quinoa porridge with poached pears, stewed apples, or berries and a sprinkling of different nuts and seeds.

2. Do you eat specific fruits for specific reasons?

I try to eat my fruits seasonally as opposed to buying imported goods. I also eat a variety of fruits so that I am getting a broad range of nutrients and health benefits. I’m a massive berry fan due to their high level of antioxidants and their versatility in foods.

3. Do you have a favorite fruit?

Renee Leonard-Stainton

Renee Leonard-Stainton

I love them all (well, aside from rockmelon)! It would probably be feijoas as they remind me of NZ (my home country) and they are just a unique and delicious flavor.

4. What are the 10 most beneficial fruits to eat?


5. How often do you grocery shop for fruits?

I shop a coupe of times a week for fruits as I like them to be super fresh and I also really enjoy the process of picking fresh fruits out and being inspired by all of the colour and fragrances in the store!

6. Is there a limit to how much fruit you should eat in a day?

I think this varies from person to person. It depends on different health conditions and some people are on restrictive diets (eg. low sugar) I recommend 2-3 fruits per day on average.

7. Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe or another fruit related recipe you could share?

Tropical sunrise smoothie:

Half a ripe mango
About a cup of freshly cut pineapple
1 banana
Handful of ice
2 cups of coconut water or 1 cup of coconut milk and 1 cup of water
½ cup of organic unsweetened plain yoghurt
2 teaspoons of flaxseed meal

8. Do you own a juicer or a blender that you particularly like?

I have one that I’ve used for about 15 years and it still works perfectly fine! I don’t think you have to spend loads on the perfect juicer or blender – it’s more important to get quality (preferably organic) produce in the first place.

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