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Interview with Stephen Nickoley of Kariba Farms

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Kariba Farms Kariba Farms is a supplier of the highest quality natural and orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc food products. Starting out in 1991 with organic dried mango and expanding to hundreds of dried fruits and nuts since then, Kariba Farms is known in the health-food industry as one of the most reliable places to purchase all-natural dried fruits and nuts in America.

What is Kariba Farms?
When the concept for Kariba Farms™ was developed in 1991, our first product was sourced in South Africa.  We threw a dart at the map and it landed on Kariba Lake in Zimbabwe, and Kariba Farms was official.  We now have a a lineup of hundreds of all-natural and organic dried fruit, nuts, snacks, in addition to a line of gourmet coating mixes sold under the Brand of NutCrusters™.  Our products can be found in wholesale and supermarket stores nationwide, in addition to our website

Where do you get your products from?  Do you get the fresh fruit and then create your products or do you buy your products as they are?
We source fruits and nuts from all over the world, including, Africa, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, and of course the United States.  It is much more economical to remove the water from the fruit before shipping.  On average, water makes up 85% to 90% of fresh fruit.  Water is very expensive to transport.  Also, since dried fruit is considered processed it does not have the same government scrutiny at the ports, and the incidence of bacterial and insect infestation is significantly reduced.

What kind of Antioxidant fruit products do you sell?
Aronia Berries, Organic Goji Berries, Natural Goldenberries and Organic White Mulberries, as well as a blend of 6 berries called our Super Berry Medley.  You can see all of them here: Antioxidant fruit products

super berry medley bulk

super berry medley bulk

 What are your top selling Antioxidant fruit products? And why?

goji berries

goji berries

Our top sellers are the Organic Goji Berries and the Aronia Berries. So much research has been published on Goji Berries, that everybody in the health food industry is well aware of them. The Aronia Berries are definitely catching up now that more research and publicity is coming out for them. Since Aronia Berries have much more antioxidants than Goji Berries, we are predicting them to become much bigger than any other antioxidant fruits available.

Where do you sell your products?
We sell our products exclusively on our website and in many grocery stores. Kariba Farms has been providing the highest quality products for over 20 years, but have only been selling online for about 5 years. We have had great success with our website and offer several different items on specials every month to give customers the opportunity to try something new and delicious.

You mentioned in a comment, “We sell dried Aronia berries, infused with apple juice to make them less bitter. 8 oz bag is $7.65 and a 1 lb bag is $14.25.”  Do you infuse them with apple juice?  Why apple juice?

aronia berries

aronia berries

The idea of natural fruit juice concentrate infused into the Aronia Berries was initiated by us.  Our partners have incorporated the juice concentrate infusion process into the dehydration process.   Other juice concentrates work as well, which is used is a matter of availability and final product consistency.  We do it to naturally sweeten and avoid adding large amounts of sugar to the berries.  We have had great success with this process on other dried fruits such as cranberries, strawberries, blueberries and papaya.

People who are used to eating fresh Aronia Berries are always amazed when they try our Juice Infused Aronia Berries because the taste is so much better.

What’s the advantage to buying from Kariba Farms and not from Amazon or another major online retailer?
Kariba Farms’ website is the only place to get many of our uantioxidant-fruits.comque products online.  Our prices are quite often lower than our competitors and we always return your calls or emails within 1 business day.  We guarantee satisfaction, and pride ourselves on customer service.  We routinely make updates to our website based on customer requests, and reward customers on their next orders just for the taking the time to make a constructive comment.  We sell hundreds of thousands of pounds of dried fruits and nuts every year.  We have an excellent reputation in the industry which assures Kariba customers consistent quality and availability of the best product all year round.

We stand by our motto: “Kariba Farms is all about quality, value and service. Prepare to be thrilled!”

Do you have a blog? How can we learn more about each products?
Our website has pictures, nutritional info and more about our products, but you can also check us out on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

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