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Jackfruit of All Trades

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Jackfruit of All TradesJackfruit of All Trades

Hailing from Southeast Asia, the Jackfruit or Artocarpus heterophyllus is a big fruit with pointy rough skin and edible golden fruit pulp. It is acclaimed to be the largest tree-bearing fruit. Its fruit is shaped like an oblong and when it is ripe, the fruit turns from green to light brown.

The pulp of the antioxidant jackfruit is sweet but sticky with the fruit’s natural oil. The body of the fruit, when opened or gets bruised, excretes a white glue-like juice which often leaves traces in your mouth ad hands after eating. It is advised that much like the grapefruit, after eating a jackfruit, you shouldn’t rinse right away. This is so you won’t get to taste the white sap on your mouth area. To remove the sticky substance, just uses baby oil an cotton an simply dab away.

The jackfruit has many benefits for us. After eating the golden yellow bulb, you will feel energized and revitalized. It is also a good laxative since it has a lot of dietary fiber. The jackfruit promotes good eyesight and decreases your risk of cancer with Vitamin A and flavonoids found in the fruit.

The Jackfruit is surely a fruit of all trades. Leave a comment on this or share your jackfruit recipes with us on Facebook.

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