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Jaswell’s Farm: Fruit Farm in Rhode Island

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Jaswell’s Farm Jaswell’s Farm: Fruit Farm in Rhode Island

The Jaswell’s Farm was established by Nicholas Jaswell in 1899. It became one of the first pick your own fruit farms in Rhode Island.

As the oldest apple orchard at 50 Swan Road, Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA, Jaswell’s Farm is known for their candy apples. Featured on the Food Network in 2006, this led to another venture for the business. You can buy the candy apples from the fruit picking farm‘s bakery and farm stand or contact them to ship the candy apples to your doorstep.

The candy apples come in different varieties. The farm sells the traditional red candy apples, caramel apples, chocolate covered caramel apples and the gourmet apples. These candy apples are often ordered as party favors, wedding favors or for everyday pleasure.

Jaswell’s Farm also offers educational tours. The tours are geared towards the theme on the importance of farming (No Farmers = No Food). The tour comprises of behind the scenes look on how to make apple cider, hay rides, apple picking, visits to the cold storage facility, the farm stand, bakery, pumpkin picking and berry picking.

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Anna McGrath

Sunday 7th of December 2014

Hi I am trying to find apricot jam to give as part of a christmas gift. Please email me if you have it. Thank you A. McGrath


Sunday 7th of December 2014


This is a post about Jaswell's Farms - they won't see your comment. You'll want to reach out to them directly through their website here:

Here's their contact page -

Thanks, Jenny