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Join the Club, or at Least Try Some Tasty Tropicals from FarmTropical

Share this post: is a brand new company that launched in the summer of 2012. They have a simple goal really; make local tropical fruits available to everyone by cultivating relationships with local growers in South Florida. They take great measure to make sure they can ship these tropical fruits to any place in the US that allows this (sadly Arizona does not and avocados cannot be shipped to Califorantioxidant-fruits.coma).

Farm Tropical

Fruits in the stores are often two weeks old. This fruit arrives at its destination less than a week after it was hand-picked from the plant it was growing on because they harvest it after you order is placed. They also only ship out at the beginning of the week to ensure that the fruit does not sit around over the weekend.

The fruits and vegetables are not all certified as organic but the farmers pledge not to use irradiation, sewage, biocides or genetically modified seeds or plants. Fruit Clubs are available. What a great way to get fresh antioxidants and have some peace of mind knowing where your food is coming from.

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