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Just Tomatoes Etc.

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Just Tomatoes - Just Veggies

Just Tomatoes - Just VeggiesJust Tomatoes - Just Veggies

Having trouble getting your children or yourself to eat enough fruits and veggies?  Just Tomatoes
may have the answer to improving eating habits in a fun way.  Who doesn’t like taking a hand full of candy and eating it piece by pieces?  With Just Tomatoes Etc. you can treat yourself to dried fruits and veggies and pop them just like candy.  Try the dried tomatoes, or corn and place them in a dish as a treat while watching television.  Mix strawberries, bananas, and apples in a bowl and eat while watching movies with the family.  This sweet treat will have everyone wanting more.  Many of the products are completely organic and all products can be used just as the real fruit or vegetable.  Add dried tomatoes to a salad or mix all natural dried fruit into trail mix.  The crunchy n yummy bits can be added to homemade granola bars for an extra kick of flavor.

Just Tomatoes Etc. products come in resealable bags of containers so the fruits and veggies stay fresh and ready to pop in your mouth.  Great as a snack for long trips or as a treat to keep in your desk at work, snack healthy with Just Tomatoes Etc. dried fruits and vegetables.

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