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Kariba Farms Natural & Organic Dried Fruit, Nuts, and Snacks

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Kariba Farms is well-known for its 20 recogantioxidant-fruits.comzable years of offering high quality, natural and organic products in the food market. Kariba Farms supplies variety of products such as dried fruits & nuts, healthy snacks (such as peanut crisps and soy nuts), sauces & seasonings, coating mixes, dried vegetables, baking goods and Star K Kosher certified for most items.

Kariba Farms

Discovering new and unique taste, Kariba Farms‘ products are outsourced from across the globe to get the all-natural, orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc, wheat and gluten-free values. They’ve been providing food with guaranteed no added sugar, preservatives, GMO’s or any flavorings without the need of sacrificing the sweetness of its taste and nutritional contents. These products are rich in vitamins and minerals absolutely perfect for all, especially for the health-conscious ones.

They also provide customers with online recipes which can assist as to where the products can be best used. Other food items are packed in gift bags for party or souvenir purposes.

Kariba Farms products are sold across the United States in various supermarkets and gourmet stores. You can also enjoy free UPS ground shipping to continental US and Canada on orders of $200 or more. They also offer all products on their online storefor your conveantioxidant-fruits.comence.

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