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Keep an Eye Out for Longan Antioxidant Fruit Juice

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LongansLongan, translated as dragon eye fruit, is a tropical fruit from Asia. It got it’s name because when the fruit has been peeled, it resembles an eye with it’s clearish flesh and the black seeds showing through from the middle of the fruit.

Due to its sweet flavor and juicy flesh, it is very popular in places where it grows easily and can make a refreshing antioxidant fruit juice. It is most often eaten raw but can also be found in many East Asian dishes in snacks, desserts and soups. It can even be found canned in some grocery stores.

In China it is used dried. The dried fruit looks similar to a dried cherry as it turns dark when it dries instead of retaining its light coloration. The Chinese use it in medicines and in healing foods. When comparing the beneficial properties of individual fruits, you will find that it is believed to be a hot food in traditional Chinese medicine.

Longan is a good source of fiber and protein for a fruit. It is one of the higher fruits for Vitamin C and antioxidant content, as well as the minerals Magnesium, Phosphorus and a little bit of Calcium.

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