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Kettle Valley Dried Fruit

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Kettle Valley LogoAre you looking for a healthy, completely organic way to fulfill your sweet tooth?  Kettle Valley dried fruit bars may be just want you are craving.  Kettle Valley offers a dried fruit healthy snack that has a whole apple in every bar. There are no additives or preservatives in this snack, only healthy goodness that will help keep you looking and feeling good. Kettle Valley fruit bars are crunchy and yummy which makes them a perfect treat for children and adults alike.  Easy to carry bars are great for an on the go treat or to take along as you hike, bike, or otherwise enjoy the great outdoors.

Kettle Valley brand products and private label snacks are produced in the United States and Canada with the assurance that if the name Kettle Valley appears than the product is completely organic and wholesome. These bars are ideal to keep in the drawer at your desk as a quick afternoon pick me up or in the glove box of the car as an ever ready treat for hungry children coming home from school. Available in seven fruit bars and five fruit snack combinations, kids love the bold fruit flavor while adults can overjoyed with the nutritional value.

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