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Kettle Valley Fruit Bars

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Hiking has become a favorite past time for many individuals.  Even those who previously spent time doing other activities are switching to the low cost hobby of hiking.  There are many considerations one must make before heading out on an hour long or full day hike and one of those considerations must be what to carry.  Common sense shows that water is a must as are the basics such as a small first aid kit and rain gear or other weather appropriate items, but what about taking a snack in case of basic hunger or in case of emergency in which food is a necessity. Choosing foods that are highly sustainable and easy to carry are a must.

Even under the best of circumstances snacks should be taken on hikes. Kettle Valley Fruit Bars are a wonderful choice for any length hike or trip. Dried fruit is a healthy snack anyway, but having it placed in bar form makes for easy handling, transport, and makes it more likely to be enjoyed by the pickiest eaters. If someone is willing to take part in an activity such as hiking they are obviously body conscious so sensible snacks are a must.

So whether going for a brisk walk around the park or hiking up the mountainside take a snack that is healthy and sensible yet filling with Kettle Valley fruit bars.

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