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Kettle Valley Fruit Snacks

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Kettle Valley Fruit Snacks can be the hit of the party or a must have on the soccer field in order to stay fit and feel your best.  Choosing a snack for yourself and your children is becoming increasingly important as a sedentary life style is taking over most families.  Offer an organic fruit snack as dessert instead of a brownie or as an after game winning treat. You may be surprised when your teen starts searching for fruit instead of chocolate or chips to snack on before dinner or when hanging out with friends.

Tempt your children and yourself into activity by packing some dried fruit bars and Kettle Valley fruit snacks in a basket and going for a long bike ride or hike.  Create a quick picnic with dried fruit bars as the sweet treat afterward. This may entice your whole family into a fun filled day in the park.

Kettle Valley prides itself on being a private label completely orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc product. Available in the United States and Canada this company uses no preservatives in its custom made product.  Remember parents love the nutrition and kids love the taste.

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