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KIND Bar Review

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KIND bars use fruit to hold together vitamin and protein packed fruits and nuts. Crisp rice and non GMO glucose syrup give the bar a little bit more of a candy bar experience.

Kind BarsThe bar is very well balanced as far as flavor goes. Whole nuts are combined with fruits that blend well or contrast for a pleasurable experience. One kind of dried fruit is often used as a paste while another might be in chunks like large unsweetened coconut flakes. The fruit is a key factor, not only in the way of flavor but as a substitute for corn syrup to hold the bar together.

Overall this is a healthy snack for on-the-go, after school snacks or as an alternative to a candy bar when you are at the store and need something to tide you over.

KIND bars come in about 20 flavors like Almond and Apricot, Macadamia Mango, Cranberry almond plus antioxident and Dark Chocolate Nut.

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