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Lanzones as a Medicinal Treatment

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LansonesThe lanzone is native to Malaysia and is one of the high antioxidant fruits called langsat there. The lanzone contains many nutritious elements that can benefit our health. There are several medicinal uses for the lanzone. Not only are there many nutrients that can help our bodies, the lanzone also provides other antioxidant-fruits.comfty properties. For instance burning the dried peels can ward off mosquitoes.

Also the bark of the tree can be used in diarrhea relief. The bark made into a powder can treat scorpion stings. The fruit is a beige color with a white, juicy flesh inside. Take care however as the seeds are very bitter. When picked and eaten at it’s perfect ripeness, this antioxidant rich fruit is one of the tastiest around that you will find when researching which fruits are good antioxidants.

The lanzone fruit can lower body temperature. The fruit contains riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B2 and B1. Riboflavin is important for proper growth and the acts in making red blood cells. Thiamine helps treat nerve and heart conditions. There are also healthy levels of vitamin A. Vitamin A is useful in maintaining healthy skin, teeth, and mucous membranes.

Lanzones also contain carotene which is a compelling antioxidant. Antioxidants of course play a pivotal rule in protecting cells from free radicals which are the culprits in many medical maladies. Lazones can be used in many ways primarily as a rich fruit drink.

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