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Lanzones Health Benefits

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Lanzones Health Benefits

Lanzones, Lansium domesticum, is an antioxidant fruit native in Southeast Asia. It is commonly grown in Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. It is also famously known as the provincial flower of South Sumatra in Indonesia.

LansonesThe fruit is rich in nutrients that can be very good for your health. The fruit is very rich in vitamins B such as Riboflavin, thiamine, B2 and B1. Thiamine helps in breaking down of sugar in the body. It also help prevent several heart diseases. On the other hand, Riboflavin promotes the production of energy from your daily carbohydrate intake. It also promotes red blood cell production most especially for those who have low red blood cell count.

Vitamin A can also be found in Lanzones. It is vital for maintaining a healthy glowing skin. It also plays a vital role in keeping mucous membranes and skeletal tissues healthy. Carotene is one of the most powerful antioxidants, which is also found in Lanzones. It keeps your body cells healthy preventing deadly diseases from occurring such as cancer and other serious illnesses.

There is no known antioxidant fruit drink that is made from Lanzones. But for sure, Lanzones is considered to be a healthy fruit snack that can keep you healthy.

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