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Lapins Cherry

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So many different types of cherries and so little time to taste them all! As researchers continue to create hybrid cherries, we taste the delicious results. Lapins cherries are one of these hybrids. Similar in taste to Bing cherries, Lapins are about an inch in width and are much more rain-resistant than Bings are. The Lapins cherry is a cross between Van and Stella cherries and was developed in British Columbia by the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre. The Lapins cherry is one of the sweetest cherries (others include Chelan and Rainer cherries).

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You can see how this is an improvement on Bing cherries. Lapins cherries are just as tasty but are bigger and juicier. They are typically a red or purple color. The best part about Lapins cherries is that they self-pollinate. Consider a Lapins cherry tree if you want to grow cherries at your house and have plenty of room in your yard. These trees grow to about 20 feet in maturity and don’t require you to plant another sweet cherry cultivar for pollination. Mid-summer is usually when the cherries are at their ripest.

Lapins cherries are no different from other cherries because they contain vitamin C and antioxidant properties. In addition, dark fruits tend to have a higher anthocyanin content, which can reduce cancer risk. To reap the health benefits of Lapins cherries, eat some raw or prepare them as a jam. Since they are naturally sweet, you don’t need to add extra sugar for a better taste – the cherry does that for you.


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