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Larabar Carrot Cake Product Review

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Larabar Carrot Cake

Larabar Carrot Cake

Larabar Carrot Cake is probably my favorite Larabar flavor.  I am not even that crazy about carrot cake, I mean, I like it, but I am not wild about it.  So it’s funny that Larabar’s Carrot Cake is my very favorite one, but it is.  It might be because I like the spice ratio in it.  Sorry, Canadians, I guess it’s not available in Canada, according to Larabar’s website as of August 2012.  Wonder why that is.

The Carrot Cake Larabar ingredients include: dates, almonds, walnuts, raisins, pineapple, unsweetened coconut, carrots, cinnamon and extra virgin coconut oil.  This Larabar has a lot of ingredients compared to some of the other flavors of Larabar.

Here’s a run down of the Larabar nutrition facts in this Carrot Cake flavor:

Larabar Carrot Cake Nutrition Facts

Larabars were originally invented for hikes and other outdoor sporting activities and while they are great for those still, they are also wonderful as a snack at work or for the kids after school. I love them when I am hungry between meals or when I go on road trips.

Here’s a video I shot while talking about Larabar fruit and nut bars.

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