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LARABAR Switches to Recyclable Wrappers

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Who hasn’t jumped on the LARABAR bandwagon yet these days? Well if you haven’t, you should definitely consider it. Their bars bring a whole new meaning to the idea of what constitutes a “candy bar.” The brand provides a healthy treat that is an alternative to most candy bars out these days. While the brand does feature a few different treats with chocolate in them, they also have snacks with antioxidant fruits available. These bars are absolutely delicious especially for someone looking for a treat without all the sugar and fats.

LARABAR uses unsweetened fruits, spices, and nuts in their bars. They limit their bars to have no more than nine different ingredients so that customers will get exactly what they’re looking for. Many of their flavors are soy or dairy free and can be consumed by vegans. The flavors that have these properties are marked as such on the wrapper.


Speaking of their wrappers, the brand has even recently paired with TerraCycle to provide packaging that can be recycled. So not only are their bars relatively healthy and able to be consumed by just about every type of person, but they’re also becoming increasingly eco-friendly. Customers who wish to recycle their wrappers should collect them and mail them in to the company. The company itself will take care of the recycling so that if you don’t happen to have a recycling center nearby where you live, that’s not a problem. If there is a LARABAR event happeantioxidant-fruits.comng near you, you can also bring your wrappers there.

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