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Learn More About The Rambutan Tree

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green rambutan

green rambutan

The Rambutan tree is native to Southeast Asia and is a tropical tree, which grows to 10-20m in height. The tree is called by many names in most countries around the world. Fruit rambutan is similar to the apple, with the skin of the fruit been red. There are other varieties of rambutan fruit, which have orange and yellow skin.

It is a fruit covered with hairy spikes, which when removed will reveal a juicy white fruit. It is extremely delicious and has a perfumed flavor.

The fruit is used in jams and jellies. Fruit rambutan contains Vitamin C, iron, calcium, copper, manganese and phosphorous. All these vitamins and minerals are said to be very beneficial to the human body.



Vitamin C in the fruit helps prevent free radicals and helps in the absorption of iron in the human body. Copper, which is needed for the production of white and red blood cells is found in small quantities.

There are claims that eating this fruit can make the skin softer, They are also said to be quite beneficial to hair growth and makes them silky.

The fruit has been used in Southeast Asia to treat dysentery and fever. There are rambutan videos, which will teach you how to open the fruit and eat it. It is quite easy, when you see the video and not as complicated as some people claim.

The fruit seeds have also been known to reduce blood sugar levels. They can be consumed daily and are known to provide a number of health benefits.

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