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Lime Juice

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Lime, also known as Calamansi, is the smallest among the citrus group of fruits. Commonly grown in Southeast Asia, the Lime is used and made in many varieties. It can be used to marinade, for cooking, for exfoliation and so much more. It is even used as a chaser when drinking liquor. But the most refreshing the Lime can provide is its juice. Yes, the Lime juice is one healthy refreshing drink that soothes our body.

Lime JuiceLime juice can easily be made. To make one glass of Lime juice, you simply gather at least 3 to 5 pieces of lime and cut each into two. Squeeze out its juice on a glass but make sure to take away its seeds. Add cold water if you prefer to drink it cool or you can serve it hot as well if you prefer it hot. Add at least one to two teaspoons of sugar and Viola! You’re Lime juice is ready to drink.

The Lime is very rich in antioxidants. It is very good to our health because of its rich vitamin C content. Regular drinking of Lime juice can make your immune system stronger, protecting you from various infections. It has an anti-bacterial effect that prevents further infection. It also remedies cough and colds most especially when you have it served hot. Hot Lime juice is known to be the best remedy for sinusitis.

So refresh yourself with the most refreshing antioxidant fruit drink. That is Lime juice for you.

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