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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Live Superfoods

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Live SuperfoodsWith a tagline of “Raw Superfoods  Superstore”, Live Superfoods supports the ideal of nutrition in its purest form. All the food featured by this company come to them in raw form from across 5 continents. With an orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc packaging facility, Live Superfoods repackages the raw products without any add-ons.

Kosher-friendly and gluten-free, the vegan products are also tested to be free from any pesticides, herbicides, ecolli, salmonella and other harmful toxins. Their product line includes a variety of fruits and juices like goji, acai, mangosteen, noni, and tart cherry.

Live Superfoods also carry a line of snacks and bars like the Lydia’s Organics Tropical Mango Bar and the Earthling Organics Goji Bar. Filling yet fully nutritious, these fruit snacks can boost your energy levels anytime in the day.

For fruit lovers, there are also organic fruit snacks like pineapple rings, white mulberries, papaya, pomegranates, Incan goldenberries and mango slices. Live Superfoods showcase other healthy options like bee products, cacao, granola, coconut and olives.

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