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Live UTI Free with Cranberry

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Live UTI Free with CranberryLive UTI Free with Cranberry

Have you ever encountered that burning sensation on your lower abdomen that makes you want to pee but somehow you can’t? Or when you do pee, there’s blood or urinating is extremely painful? You might be suffering from an urinary tract infection or UTI. This is a common ailment encountered by people which is caused by the E.coli bacteria.

When you have this painful infection, the wise thing to do is to gather cranberries. Cranberry has complex polysaccharides and proanthocyanids which attack the E.coli bacteria and messes up its cellular composition. When this happens, the bacteria falls off your urethra where it attached itself and falls off, to be excreted when you pass urine.

So the next time, you feel you are about to have a urinary tract infection, drink up cranberry juice. To further prevent the reoccurrence of UTIs, you should also load up on apples, pears and grapes in your diet so as to weaken the E.coli bacteria in your body. Proper hygiene is also a must.

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