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Looking for Fruits for Vitamin C and Antioxidant Benefits? Dragonfruit Fits the Bill

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How To Grow Dragon Fruit Plant in 5 StepsDragon fruits are one of the most amazing fruits for vitamin C and antioxidant content. It is actually the fruit of a certain species of cactus. The most common is a red skinned fruit with white insides. There are also those with pink insides and yellow ones with white insides.

The skin is not eaten, but like the kiwi, the fruit is eaten with the seeds. If you are careful to chew these, you can get the maximum benefit because the casing of the seeds will cause them to pass whole if unbroken, robbing you of their rich nutrients.

The dragon fruit  is mildly sweet like a well ripened kiwifruit. Soft as well, it makes a great addition to a fruit salad where it can compliment some other crunchy things for contrast. Sometimes the best place for the exotic to shine is next to something ordinary.

Dragon fruit are very high in vitamin C, fiber and other minerals, such as phosphorus and calcium. The Dragon fruit has unique antioxidants because its seeds are high in polyunsaturated fat and phytoalbumin antioxidants.

Because the fruit does not spike the blood sugar, it is recommended to diabetics and the antioxidant fruit juice can be used to mix in drinks a person may wish to sweeten without the use of sugar. Of course anything relating to a medical condition should be closely monitored for an individual’s reaction.

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Tuesday 19th of August 2014

It would be more interesting if you can feature Santol fruit (Sandoricum koetjape).