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Lycium Barbarum: Age-Old Secret In Improving Memory

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Lycium Barbarum: Age-Old Secret In Improving Memory

Lycium BarbarumMany medicinal benefits have been attributed to the plant lycium barbarum. The plant that bears the superfood known as the goji berry was often hailed for its healing properties. However, not much has been discussed the amazing components of lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP) that improve brain function.

Improving memory is a common concern now for most people even for those of the younger age bracket. Living at a high pace in these modern times has taken quite a toll in our mental state and capacity to absorb and retain information. While continuous research and studies are being done by scientists to address this using modern tools and medicine, there seems to be not much progress in providing a long-term solution to this problem. One research, that would be an exception which that would show promise, involves something more traditional instead of modern. For centuries, the lycium barbarum fruit extract has been used to assist in improving brain performance.

The modern herbal medicinal world knows that the lycium barbarum benefits include anti-aging, cell-renewal, immune modulation and even cancer prevention. Little is discussed about its neuroprotective properties. This is  because it is not just recently when scientists discover how its cell renewal properties affect brain cells and neuron functions.

According to recent studies, tests performed on lab rats exhibit overall improved performance in memory, analytical, motor and recognition skills. Researchers have also seen possible capabilities of LBP in restoring memory functions and neurogenesis, regeneration of brain cells. Such breakthrough would even further highlight all lycium barbarum benefits and how important it is in our nutrition.

Aging usually involves being forgetful, continuously losing focus, and being unable to retain valuable information.  This stage usually comes much later in life. But for some of us, unfortunately, the symptoms arrive much sooner. It’s a good thing there is still hope for those who want to improve. Along with proper diet and exercise, including lycium barbarum in your daily diet will be of great help in keeping your brain younger, smarter and in top shape.

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