Lynd Fruit Farm

Lynd Fruit Farm

Now in its 7th generation of growing apples, the Lynd Fruit Farm is more than just a grower. It is a place where you and your family can make happy memories.

Located at 9090 Morse Road SW, Pataskala, Ohio, the farm produces several varieties of apples, plums, Asian pears, peaches, blackberries, blueberries and Magness pears.

Lynd’s fruit farm is a u pick farm where your family can visit and pick out fruits to bring home. The farm provides a schedule and even offers tours and other packages if you’ll be coming in a group.

The Lynd apples are one of the best apples for apple pie. Crispy, juicy and fresh, all the nutritious goodness can be found on each tasty bite. Aside from the fruit, the Ohio farm also sells peach butter, peach cider, peach jam, peach salsa and sugar free peach jam and salsa. Peaches are not one of the fruits included in the u-pick activity.

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