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Make Your Own Fruit Powders

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Maca Powder - Superfood

Fruit powders are usually used for baking or cooking in situations when you would like something to taste like fruit but the extra water is not desired. The fruit powder blends with the other additions to make a specific flavor. Learn to prepare fruit powder by picking your own fruit, preparing it and turantioxidant-fruits.comng it into a powder. Use them to make a smoothie with acerola cherry powder, a protein shake with aronia powder, or a tangy banana bread to bake with acai powder.


  • If you are using fresh fruits, slice them up into small pieces
  • If it is more than 90 degrees outside you could spread the slices onto a cookie sheet and let them dry up for the day. Otherwise you will need to use your oven.
  • Get the temperature in the oven to 200 degrees  before putting the cookie sheets with the fruit slices in.
  • Cook for 1-4 hrs or when they are firm.
  • Take the fruit out and let it cool completely for about 4 hours out on the counter.
  • Put some in the blender and let it process until the fruit is a fine as you want it to be.

Keep in an airtight container. Now you are ready to use your fruit powder wherever you wish.

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