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Make Your Own Lara Style Fruit Bars

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So, you have seen the reviews on Larabars and want to try them, or you already love them- but paying around $1.50 per bar can get pricy. If you have the time you can make them yourself and save money!

Basic Recipe:

1/4 cup dates (if these are coated with something, soak and rinse first)
1/4 cup other regular or organic dry fruit
1/3 cup whole or chopped nuts
1 tsp of spice if desired

Here is a video that shows a similar recipe:

Put the fruit in a food processor and turn it into a paste. Go ahead and chop the nuts in the processor next, there is no need to clean it in between. In a bowl, mix the fruit and nuts together very well making a sticky ball.

On a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper, shape as much as you want into whatever shape you want and pop them into the fridge (or your mouth). This recipe makes the equivalent of 2 Lara dried fruit bars.

Don’t forget that Larabars use a special packaging that allows them to keep fresh without preservatives. You will need to keep these in the refrigerator until the day you are going to pack them in your lunch or snack on them.

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