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Mamey: An Antioxidant Rich Fruit with Tropical Roots

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MameyMamey is a fruit from southern Mexico. It has a brown skin similar to the kiwifruit only the hairs are much more like peach fuzz. The inside can range from orange to pink and has a soft, creamy texture.

The fruit is often eaten out of hand or used to flavor frozen treats. This includes making ice cream, fruit bars, smoothies and fruit covered shaved ice that is so popular when the weather heats up. It is a little too creamy to add to yogurt and would gel instead if put in with a creamy dairy product like that.

When looking for beneficial properties of individual fruits, this one practically has it all. Mamey is an antioxidant rich fruit with high amounts of Vitamins C, A and all of the B’s.  It is also high in fiber, iron, copper and magnesium.  It’s high protein level for a fruit is probably why it is one of the fruits that helps digestion.

While the fruit is used to increase desire, Sapayul oil is used in beauty products and is made from the pressed seeds of the Mamey. It has a non-greasy texture that works as a great moisturizer similar to apricot kernel oil.

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