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Mangos May Prevent Colon and Breast Cancer

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Mango, Fruit of LifeMangos May Prevent Colon and Breast Cancer

Have you heard the good news?  Mangos may prevent colon and breast cancer. What exactly is the connection between mangos, colon cancer and breast cancer? Polyphenol, which is extracted from mango, has been found to be effective against colon and breast cancer.

The mango fruit has comparatively less antioxidant properties than say, grapes but yet is has been found very effective in preventing cancer activity in this form of cancer. Mangos had also been tested for other forms of cancer like lung, leukemia and prostate cancers but have been found to be most effective against cancer activity of breast and colon cancer.

Gallotannins is what the bioactive compounds with anti cancer activity are known as. Polyphenol cause apotosis, which is known as programmed cell death of breast and colon cancer cells. The healthy cells or normal cells are left unharmed. The additional benefit is that it prevents mutation, which causes cell division. As mutation is prevented the damage to healthy cells is prevented or controlled.

There were a number of studies that were carried on colon cancer lines and it has been found that mangos contain both small molecules and large molecules. While the small molecules were readily absorbed the large ones remained in the colon but did not cause any sort of harm.

This has sparked renewed interest in this ancient wonder fruit and research has been done all over the world to find out more about its properties. So, now you have one more reason to have a mango!

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