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Michigan Fruit Farms

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Michigan Fruit FarmsMichigan is ranked 3rd from Washington and New York on state apple production and comes in first when it comes to fruit stands and fruit markets. Normally, these farms are run by families. Among the many Michigan fruit farms, there are about 177 apple orchards.

The leading apple variety for Michigan apple orchards is the Red Delicious. Second to it is the Golden Delicious, followed by Jonathan and then Empire. Two new varieties are also available, these are Gala and Jonagold. Other varieties like McIntosh, Northern Spy and Fuji are also among the most widely planted.

Nearly half of what apple orchards in Michigan produce are processed into apple sauces, jams, juice and even for apple pies. Apple ciders and frozen pies use Nothern Spy, Ida Red and Jonathan because their taste lasts even after being frozen. As the lead supplier for frozen apple pies, Michigan apples are also widely distributed in other forms across the nation.

Have you tried any Michigan apple variety? How do you find them to your liking? We welcome your thoughts here, so leave us a comment. You can join us in our discussions on Facebook.

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